PLEASE REVIEW ALL DESIGN and PRINT PROOFS CAREFULLY!!! All orders placed with PRINTD must be approved with client's signature or electronic signature (email) stating approved (sign-off) before any artwork is submitted for print / production. Clients must proof their own jobs and are 100% liable for any mistakes (misspellings, missing elements, incorrect content, etc.) regardless of whether PRINTD designed it or not. 


Any orders processed after 12pm will be counted as being processed the NEXT business day. Any lead-time stated pertains to business days only (weekends & holidays are excluded). Design and / or Production will not begin until a deposit is paid against your invoice or estimate. Your project lead-time begins once we receive your deposit - or - stated approval of alternate payment arrangement, your complete "Order Form", your acknowledgement and affirmation of PRINTD's Terms & Conditions; AND your pertinent design elements (logos, content, text, etc.). During the design phase, additional delays pertaining to approval and re-work, may occur.


Please make all checks payable to "PRINTD".

PRINTD accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, Check, or Credit / Debit Card ( Visa, Mastercard, American Express ). All orders require a deposit or payment in full to begin design or production phases. All print orders must be PAID FOR IN FULL, before the production process will be completed. Refunds will only be given against unprinted orders. Any deposit or payment against a Design Fee, is NON-REFUNDABLE. A credit may be issued in lieu of refund. Any over-payments or supplementary invoice adjustments resulting in a positive client balance, will be issued a PRINTD House Credit, for amount in difference. Any deposits against orders not attended to by the client in a timely manner will be considered abandoned; and as a result all deposit(s) forfeited; such forfeitures for abandoned projects are not eligible for refund or credit.


The reproduction of colors is a complex subject with and an entire topic of conversation in relation to printing and production.

What you see on your screen may not be what we see on our screen. We work in a specialized and fully color managed work environment.

PRINTD cannot guarantee exact color match to what you see on your screen. If you have any concerns about the final outcome we highly recommend you request a production sample or physical proof.

PRINTD is not responsible for low quality images provided by the client , for their design. When possible, please submit only high quality / high-resolution images and elements.


All offset print orders are subject to a 8% (give or take) final quantity difference. Client has 72 hours to place a formal complaint against an order, after the order has been received. All hardware ordered from PRINTD has a 30 day REPAIR warranty. After 30 days, repairs may be subject to a repair fee, at cost of repair.


All print / production orders will be processed as Will-Call orders; unless stated otherwise. Completed orders will be ready for pick-up on or after the estimated lead-time provided at your time of order. 

The will-call address is:

835 Kohler St. Los Angeles. CA. 90021.